Everyone has a hidden talent. What is yours?
– What is that thing you do effortlessly?
– What is that thing that brings you the most joy when you’re doing it?

This would be the thing you received the most fulfillment doing. This may be your niche. Even though your niche can be a talent, whether it’s natural or learned, you have to feed it. That means that you need to go out and find ways to build upon it. I call this adding and sharpening the tools in your toolbox. Learn all the nuances that comes with that niche. To stay relevant you have to stay knowledgeable of your craft. You have to be sure that when the times get tough or there are things that are hard to learn, that you remember this is your niche a gift God has given to you. Remember the cliche, “That if it were easy everyone would be doing it”. I used that cliche because it has truth to it. The easy stuff most will do and call it their niche. So remember your niche is someone elses or their idea of the best way to make quick money. The easy stuff dont set you apart from everyone else. You need to go up and beyond to make your skillset elite. Doing so places you in a position of demand. This increases your value. So now, not only do you have a niche that you enjoy, but it brings extra value to you as well. I think that falls in alignment with the words I spoke to a mentee. Again these are all phrases we have heard over the years in some capacity in which we share as wisdom to others. I stated that if you do the thing you love, the money will come. The love alone doesn’t bring the money. The work effort you pour into that love brings the money because in return the output that is given is knowledge, above-normal implementations, quality within your delivery, and it gives the client a peace of mind. And people will always pay for a piece of mind and for quality.

Have you found your niche? If not, what obstacles are you facing.

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