As though no one is watching

There’s an opportunity to shine your best shine by focusing on you. So many times, people worry about what the world thinks and lose focus on what they should be thinking and what they should be striving for. Ultimately their goals get lost in the shuffle with social media at the forefront. So much of our lives being exposed to people on a daily is kind of like a form of being a celebrity. Everything is exposed your flaws, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The only difference is we willingly share those attributes by becoming too transparent. This transparency makes people focus on other’s perception of them.

Move as though no one is watching with less transparency. Transparency is the new thing but often I wonder, or I asked do we have to be transparent for everyone all the time? What is the gain? Is it to say that I’m keeping it real? Or maybe it sets a standard that creates a pitfall allowing one to only focus and become loss in others perception of them. Okay, whew! I digress. Move as though noone is watching and shine your best shine by:

~ Being true to you first – and focus on that and it will shine outward.

~ Create your own goals, both short and long term.

~ Create your own milestones for obtaining those goals.
Those milestones should be flexible and realistic.

~ Create small wins. Small wins create big gains and a feeling of self-

~ Judge your accomplishments by the goals ‘You’ mastered.

If the today you is better than the yesterday you, you are already winning.

See, I notice when noone is watching we tend to be our most authentic self. Authenticity is our transparency. When speaking of transparency alone, it should apply to processes and implementation not our life. When it is applied to our life it creates scrutiny that outshines our accomplished milestones, overshadowing the small wins.

So, move as though noone is watching. Do you agree?