My Random Thoughts

What I knew about work 

So a training course lead me reflecting on things taught early in my career. Like when entering the job market for interviews, dress for the job, make good eye contact, have a firm handshake, only sit when asked, have a can-do attitude, an impressive resume, sit up straight and be ready to sale yourself. Some would even argue that it was a time in which hard working people maintained their jobs through competency, loyalty and reliability alone. I was told that this was a time in which people were told that if they worked hard and did everything they needed to do, they would not only go far but they would always have that job. I entered into the professional work environment thinking that employers would show me the love and loyalty I showed them to watch that notion be crushed by the greeds of some when opportunity was presented. 

Change happened massaging my perspective, peep this 

Predatory Lending led to the recession that led to a different mentality killing the former dreams called normalcy in the workplace. That job that was destined to take you far would start to falter while some turned into pink slips.? Unemployment rose as jobs were lost simultaneously creating discouraged workers and changed mentalities. The atmosphere created birthed a new norm that would later be labeled an employer