2020 Take Away: Sustainable Knowledge Starts with Acknowledgement

OMG!!! Happy New Year everyone!!! I am excited about this year and the treasures that may be hidden within. Let me step back and recap my view of 2020. 2020 brought about so many changes. Many people persevered while others were crushed by the weight of change. 2020 tested our faith, strength and unity and forcibly pushed us out of our comfort zone. That test, that push showed us who we were and in some cases what we were afraid of becoming. Think about it! Those of you who were not working remote prior to the pandemic received the biggest shock. Initially it looked like a gift given with a pretty red bow on top. It brought forth no commute days, sleep in’s, more money to spend, less dry cleaning and washing and more time to prep food for dinner. The flip side, it created depression, loneliness verses being alone and situations making people feel smothered. It kept some people in nightmares, they call home giving no break to their reality. We learned to cherish every moment given, create time for family while the time given created space to grow and for some reinvent themselves. Some people checked off a huge milestone in their life as an accomplishment in 2020, I know I did 🥰. We learned so much but the greatest thing we learned was to not take people, things and situations for granted.

Was it really all Bleak?

Many see 2020 as a huge negative because of all the lives lost. This is no doubt the greatest reason to want to see the year pass. This was the worst thing about the 2020, change but it was not all of it. I hope 2021 bring about healing, growth and some type of normalcy. Meanwhile, I will look at the light hidden in the darkness, the silver lining if you will. Change of any type bring about the unknown most do not want to face and most would not have if it were not for Covid. This change forced people to let go of complacency. One of my main motto’s is “Complacency and Greatness cannot Coexist”. Covid forced many to be great when they were comfortable with where they were in their relationships, jobs and personal statuses. It forced some to step up and be a stronger version of themselves. Something that forces you to be great or reexamine your status cannot be all bad even if it appeared during a state of duress. Was it really all Bleak?

Gains, big and small

Jobs were loss, business’s were permanently closed while others were crippled. This magnitude of loss hit most in the pocket. Anger grew, but so did love. Closed businesses, schools, daycares, social distancing and lockdowns meant everyone would be under one roof throughout the day learning to function and coexist. Essentially, we were forced to love on our families more but in different ways. Some families who did not have family night, now have a family night of games, movies, conversations and etc. This in return built stronger family bonds and better understandings of each individuals day to day, but patience was no longer a virtue (LOL). We were forced to learn new ways to engage, breathe and understand other peoples perspectives. Not doing so, meant additional frustration in a household filled with family growing unhappy.

Covid helped many learn to see things from other peoples perspective. Learning this trick helps to understand why people do the things they do or respond how they do and it builds sympathy. Sympathy and understanding of one another allows everyone to be happy together under one roof. Something that forces you to learn different methods for engaging with your family or just with people in general cannot be all bad, can it? It can be just taxing at times.

No, I did not forget about those who live alone. 2020 created a time of loneliness. Most people living alone touched up against depression missing the daily interactions that going to work brought. Those people unbroken learned to invest in themselves through hobbies and video chatting. Everyone needs to have something for themselves that is fulfilling and just for them. This helps when being around others is not possible. Some would never have known the impossible if it were not for the circumstances of 2020.

Divided and United

During this time the country experienced racial injustices, racial divide and unity. The scab of racial injustices was ripped clear off the wound that was still not fully healed. 2020 helped most of us to see people for whom they really were because it allowed people to show their naked selves. This created a racial divide that ended what people thought were friendships and forced many to terminate long relationships built on familiarity. From the ugliness of the divide the beauty of racial unity was unveiled. Unity in understanding, love and racial justices. This will be ongoing in 2021 but my take away is LOVE overcomes darkness and change comes with unity instead of divide.


Acknowledgement of things we cannot change and finding solace in the peace that change brings is personal growth. Personal growth is knowledge we can carry throughout life. I work to find the good in every situation no matter how dark the path to that light is, its hard. Once we teach ourselves to find that light, rough patches seem a bit smoother and things seems less bleak. Remember, the scar of 2020 will always remain as a reminder of how we grew and overcame adversity.

What were your takeaways for 2020?

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