How COVID-19 could change the way you perform your job.

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Let us jump right into it. Many people have covered topics regarding COVID-19 and how it has affected their lives negatively and how their personal lives have changed as a result. COVID-19 has brought forth some negative moments, but with-it people have learned a great deal about themselves. Some learned they needed to develop more patience. Others needed the motivation of the daily grind (going to and from work). Some became lonely while some learned that going to work provided the necessary interaction their brain craved. Without people from the office around, some people found it hard to be motivated. They hate it but most need to be micro-managed to succeed at work. No matter what most have done to get through this time, it is a known fact that COVID-19 has changed how people work and interact with others.

So why not use the environment created by COVID-19 to enhance your work performance? Start first by understanding and reiterating to yourself that even if you cannot change your current work environment, you can control how you function within it.

  1. Take notice of the areas in which you struggle the most. It can be time management, motivation or finding ways to connect and communicate with your co-workers.

Get up in the morning and get your day started as if you had to commute. This means getting dressed in your work clothes (not your casual around the house wear). If you dress nice, you feel like a go getter. Follow your regular routine until you would reach your desk. If you like to pick up coffee in the morning on your drive to work, purchase the same brand and make it at home prior to starting your workday while listening to news briefs. If you are an Android user, you can tell Google

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