My Random Thoughts

What I knew about work 

So a training course lead me reflecting on things taught early in my career. Like when entering the job market for interviews, dress for the job, make good eye contact, have a firm handshake, only sit when asked, have a can-do attitude, an impressive resume, sit up straight and be ready to sale yourself. Some would even argue that it was a time in which hard working people maintained their jobs through competency, loyalty and reliability alone. I was told that this was a time in which people were told that if they worked hard and did everything they needed to do, they would not only go far but they would always have that job. I entered into the professional work environment thinking that employers would show me the love and loyalty I showed them to watch that notion be crushed by the greeds of some when opportunity was presented. 

Change happened massaging my perspective, peep this 

Predatory Lending led to the recession that led to a different mentality killing the former dreams called normalcy in the workplace. That job that was destined to take you far would start to falter while some turned into pink slips.  Unemployment rose as jobs were lost simultaneously creating discouraged workers and changed mentalities. The atmosphere created birthed a new norm that would later be labeled an employer’s market. The employers market created the need of more experience in addition to an impressive resume and the impeccable presentation that is you, wrapped in a bow. That time in history caused people to take temporary jobs for less pay, people to retire later rather than early while some opted to just retired in debt. The come-back for some was like trying to achieve balance between two unleveled objects, just unattainable. People lost their homes making apartments the new it factor. Creating the demand we see today in high apartment rental prices. 

What change created 

The change created the need for a person to rebrand whom they were into the who they needed to be to succeed in the job market. We still approach job interviews the way I previously reflected but its more bedazzled and sprinkled with a few nuances thanks to technology. Competency, loyalty and reliability alone no longer determines the longevity of your stay on a job. Tools are constantly changing requiring continuous learning to stay relevant. Methods learned during yesterday does not drive the vehicle of innovation today, it only creates the foundation. Do not allow life to dictate change unexpectantly, just be the constant change (cliché? almost 😊). Covid provided an opportunity for us to re-evaluate, recreate and gain a new skill or sharpened some tools already in the toolbox while it forced changed.  

Retooling and rebranding 

We retool to gain knowledge of the updates and to find new snazzier ways to implement things already in motion. Take those skills and apply them to your day to day and find ways to insert them into other team processes and create progress. Relevancy may eliminate vacancy. It open doors to opportunities and create spotlights that shine so bright that people from other teams have to ask, “Who —- are —- they?” With the shine comes notoriety. Build on that notoriety and wield the skill of networking. Networking will work as a reiteration of the Who —-You—-Are. Be authentic in your character while remaining eccentric in your delivery. Stand out like the intensity of cool colors amongst a wheel of achromatics. Have a plan so your light does not dim as fast as it shined. During this time in which everyone look so similar in how they perform their duties, that time creates space to embellish or develop your niche. Even during a time of streamlining processes you can be great and stand apart from the rest. The gift comes with knowing the how, the when and staying current with the tools used. The goal adds to the goals of yesteryear and by maintaining the job through reliability of a talent that’s rare in its delivery and results produced. Does this guarantee you keep your job? No, but it builds on your knowledge and gets you in front of people that makes decisions. It helps to make you the possible choice, if the decision was between you and another. It creates opportunity for growth while building mental strength. I remember when I was learning Adobe Photoshop and the instructor said the goal is to not just know how to use it well but to stand out from other users especially when in an interview. The instructor said to learn quick keys to move through the software faster versus using pulldowns. This was solid information and proved to be effective. We learned to deliver the same ask efficiently and in a faster time, a niche.  

The take-away

The market forced changed even though we as people should always look to change as an opportunity for improvement. It should not be forced but automatically implemented. The change you make should always set you apart from everyone else. Not only should it set you apart but you should shine like the midday sun. Make people want to know who you are. Develop and implement your niche whenever opportunity presents itself.  

Yours Truly  

My Random Thoughts.